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Level 2 Food Hygiene Refresher

Course Options:

1 hour session + Time for the workbook

Aim of the course:

  • To introduce participants to a higher level of the concepts behind basic food hygiene and the terminology used

Course objective:

  • Refresh knowledge of Level 2 Food Hygiene

  • Complete and pass a refresher test

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Who can take this course?

Any member of staff that handles the cooking of or preparation of food.

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How many can attend?

A minimum of 3 participants
A maximum of 10 participants

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Do I need prior knowledge?

Level 2 food hygiene

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Information for the Instructor

Please inform the instructor if you have an injury or are pregnant, this is for your own safety

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What should I wear on the course and should I bring anything?

Dress Code: Smart Casual or Uniform

Items to bring: Pen & Paper

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